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I recommend Koyuki highly. She is a wonderful doula. From our very first meeting, my husband and I had a great impression of her. She was very honest and low-key, and I really felt that she was focused on me and my needs, rather than on selling her services.

In the weeks leading up to the birth, she helped me plan, answered my questions, and gave me lots of suggestions about what to read and how to find more information on the topics that interested me most. She came to our house very quickly after we called her, and her presence calmed me immediately. She massaged my back and showed my husband how to do it as well, and that kept going for the next 11 hours, right up until the delivery. She was so quiet and supportive and did such an amazing job. She helped me have a calm, natural, unmedicated birth.

Koyuki also helped me after the birth. She supported my breast feeding, guided me towards products and approaches that really made my life as a new mom easier, and helped us understand how to choose a good baby carrier and use it correctly. She was so sweet and gentle to my baby and showed me comforting techniques that I am still using.

I know it may seem like a luxury, but please don’t hesitate to hire a doula. It is really an amazing gift, and with Koyuki, you are in safe loving hands. I would definitely want to work with her again if I decide to have another baby.
Koyuki is a wonderful doula and I highly recommend her. She is innately intuitive and was always a step ahead in anticipating both my and my husband’s needs without being intrusive in any way. I felt like she was the glue that held everything together in a complex and long labor. She disappeared when the doctors stepped in but quickly reappeared when they left to explain things in plain English and arm us with questions to help us navigate through the options. She enabled us to feel connected to the process and helped us feel confident that the right decisions were being made. Koyuki was a steady, enormously helpful and calming presence when the pressure was on.
Koyuki is a very talented doula who made me feel fully involved throughout the labor. She guided me into being the most supportive partner for my wife and reassured me with her presence and ability to guide us both through a potentially scary process. Without her help, I’m not sure I would have been as supportive a partner. Koyuki helped me to stay calm and fully connected.
As a dad attending our first child's birth, I don't think I could have made it through without Koyuki there. We both highly appreciated and valued Koyuki's constant, calm presence. Having her as our doula was a great choice.

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